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Are you looking out for top quality Skirting Supplier in Abu Dhabi? Then Vinyl Flooring Abu Dhabi is the best place where you can easily get all types of skirting. Skirting or “base boards” basically act as border between Floorings and wall. Skirting gives elegant and fashionable look to the floor and walls. It seems very bad when the electric wires of your electric connection comes out of the wall, so Skirting Installation is the practical and economical solution to hide all incoming wires & cables. There are two functions of skirting; one is to provide decorative touch to your interior design and second is to protect walls and Floorings from gaps, uneven edges.

Different Types of Skirting We Have

Pencil Skirting: Provides clear finish to the walls with accurate designs.
Georgian Skirting: Ancient skirting used in Georgian periods and Best suited for thicker material and recommended for 25 mm thick MDF.
Edwardian Skirting: Used in Edwardian’s era and small in height. There is unique and elegant molding on the top of base board.
Antique Skirting: Have compact look and available in two lengths: 3050mm standard length or the extended 4200mm length.
MDF Skirting: MDF is less expensive and durable material. These MDF skirting are available in classical white colors.
Contemporary Skirting: This skirting is short and manufactured from pre-primed & raw MDF. Different varieties available in contemporary skirting which includes softwoods and hardwoods, with standard MDF and moisture-resistant MDF.
Bullnose Skirting: These are modern and latest skirting which gives more elegance and fashionable look to your place. 11 Different heights are available in bullnose skirting from 50-300 mm, requires less maintenance and can be cleaned easily.
Victorian Skirting: Used in Victorian times (1837-1901). Best suited for 25 mm thickness. Add class and style to the border of floor and wall, unique moldings are present on the top of base board.

Why Choose Our Floor Skirting?

Vinyl Flooring Abu Dhabi is producing the quality skirting in Abu Dhabi with unlimited features. Skirting Installation gives following features;

  • Strong, durable and having long lasting life time
  • Have both decorative and protective functions.
  • Resistant to water and moisture.
  • Hide incoming electric wires. Cables, uneven edges and slight gaps of walls
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy repairing and renovations
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