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Luxury Vinyl Tiles 

If you have been looking to use Luxury Vinyl Tiles in your home improvement and interior design projects, then we are all here for you. As the most popular type of flooring as in view for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, our company offer many benefits at an affordable cost.

Hence our Luxury Vinyl Tiles offer durability and resilience unmatched by almost any other flooring option. We have the range of affordable waterproof wood-look flooring option that has great warmth and texture underfoot and it installs with peel-and-stick, glue-down, or click-together with ease. High-traffic areas are coming out with no match for Luxury vinyl plank which holds up to years of heavy use. Our categories of floors are the practical choice for areas of your home such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and mudrooms.

Our luxury vinyl tiles Dubai categories of tiles have come a long way from the paper-thin vinyl rugs of years past. Our tiles hence come in a seemingly infinite amount of colors, styles, and textures to complement any décor. There are so many Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai options are available that closely resemble other flooring surfaces such as hardwood. All along with the fantastic look you need, you’ll also enjoy added comfort and so as the sound-buffering characteristics of vinyl floors.

Types Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

  •     Ceramic & amazing Stone Looks
  •     Durable luxury vinyl material
  •     Enhanced scratch resistance
  •     Waterproof
  •     Lasting beauty

Why choose us?

Right through our company, we are much happy to offer everything from base grade vinyl to the latest and greatest in luxury vinyl tile options. These tiles somehow made to look like ceramic or wood, are vinyl with a backer board. They can be much witnessed to be grouted, or un-grouted and sealed to provide on with the ceramic look at a lower cost with more durability. They can also be carried out as being staggered, and with realistic knots and scraping, it looks just like a heavy duty wood floor. Resilient floors are hence witnessed out to be much capable of installation over many existing surfaces and are also easy to clean and therefore resist stains better than most other floors. You can sweep and damp mop from time to time to keep them looking new. Whether you want some stone looking vinyl, tile looking vinyl, wood looking vinyl, or any of the hundreds of Luxury Vinyl Tiles choices we offer precisely as according to your requirements.

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