Aluminium skirting

Remarkable Aluminum Skirting 

Skirting Board hence gives an aesthetic and decorative appearance to the areas by being furnished on the corner where the junction point of the region of floor and wall that are made from two different materials.

Skirting board models protects the aesthetic appearance of the room by covering gaps, or weak areas occurred during application while at the course of providing classy and ordered look by collecting telephone, as well as internet and electrical cables thanks to the technical features it has and the ducts placed them within itself. They are to be frequently used in interior decorations as they are complementary profiles of flooring systems. It is also used to cover up with the gaps and weak areas that are formed during the junction of two different materials like floor and wall.

Our company Aluminium Skirting models are not only provide integrity to the all living areas adding with the home, office, shopping mall, hospital and hotel but also harmonise with any decoration thanks to being available right into so many surfaces and color options.

Types Of Aluminum Skirting :

Our company offers an extensive range of Aluminium Skirting to suit a variety of commercial applications:

  • 100mm and 150mm Screwfix Aluminum Skirting
  • 100mm and 150mm Gluefix Aluminum Skirting
  • 100mm and 150mm Flat Skirting, Bright Linished
  • 100mm and 150mm Black Masonite Skirting
  • 100mm and 150mm Black/Grey Feather Edge Vinyl Skirting
  • 100mm and 150mm Black/Grey Flat Vinyl Skirting
  • 100mm Shadowline Aluminium Skirting.
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